Product replicas


One of àrea cúbica’s specialities. More than a thousand giant figures of characters, products, and odd shapes guarantee the success of this type. Any shape and measurement may be made into an inflatable.

In fact, it is the product type of the highest demand from the technical department. A good replica should be as similar as possible to the model, and it is here that the technical solutions should be most perfected. It is customary that on asking for the same replica, from two inflatable manufacturers, two very different quotes may be given. This is due to the volume and the finishings that each of them reach. Àrea Cúbica doesn’t lower its standards in this area, however it does try, product after product, to find new possibilities in construction distinguishing it from other manufacturers.
A description of the uses of this type of inflatable could be as long as the number of different replicas that we have produced, however the main uses are: As an advertising ploy in the case of consumer products; they are commonly used in presentations for new launches, as corporate references in a convention, and simply as a visual icon at points of sale. Another use is in the area of entertainment, parades, concerts, or theatre performances, in which it is highly necessary that the movement of the production and equipment is as adaptable as possible.

Size: from 2 a 50 m. high and similar dimensional proportions. 
Material: PVC o POLYESTER of 150 to 600 gr/m2 depending on use and positioning (it is normal that there are 4 or 5 different types of materials used on one replica)
Production: by sewing or high frequency welding machine.