The most dynamic of all the inflatables. This kind is spotted easily due to its movement. It is the only inflatable that completely moves all of its parts. Without a doubt it is the way to draw people’s attention. It is completely different from the other products in terms of the technology employed. Whilst the others are based on a turbine that fills the entire volume of the inside of the inflatable and maintains pressure to maintain it upright, this on the other hand, is a turbine that hardly provides any pressure to the inflatable but that generates a large volume of air. The sky dancer’s head and the ends of the arms are open, so that all of the air fed through the turbine flows through the body, causing a somewhat random movement, characteristic of this kind of inflatable.

Under the generic name of sky dancer, there are three subcategories:
  1. Sky tube or crazy sleeve (manga loca): This is the same concept but with only one turbine and a simple sleeve.
  2. Sky dancer with one leg: This reduces the price as only one turbine is needed.
  3. Sky dancer with two legs: The most attention grabbing out of the three.

Size: 8 meters high and tube diameter of 55 cm. 
Material: nylon covered in polyurethane of 50 to 90 gr/m2 depending on the type. 
Production: single or two needle sewing machine.