The sphere is the most basic kind of advertising inflatable 

Inflatable spheres can be used in many different situations, as they are probably the most used type of inflatable since the market began.
The most well known use is in publicising a stand by hanging it from the ceiling of a fairground or making it float using helium. This type has also been used as a Christmas decoration for many years, and although its use is almost taken for granted, interior designers continually surprise us, year after year, with new effects. The transparent kind has been used for theatre performances or publicity by having a presenter or actor get inside. Another interesting use is to project an image from outside or inside, onto the surface. The roundness gives an interesting effect to the projected images.

They can be manufactured in an airtight version (once inflated, air should not continue to be pumped inside the inflatable) or continuous air (requires a small turbine connected to the electrical mains to supply air continuously to the inflatable to keep it inflated).

Size: diameter from 50 cm. to 7 m. 
Material: PVC or PU 
Construction: high frequency seam welded 
Continuous airflow: 
Size: diameter from 2 m. to 10 m. 
Material: PVC or POLYESTER. 
Production: single or two needle sewing machine.