Static balloon


Its shape derives from the well known hot air balloons. They began to be used for advertising purposes because they have a large surface on which to place advertisements, are very stable and are also highly attention grabbing. A classic type is inflatable publicity, it can be used at any event, indoors or outdoors, where a large-scale advertising medium is required. Sport events such as marathons or cycling stages are common users of this type of item as it allows the advertising to be seen from a great distance.

The proportion of weight to inflated volume makes them ideal for places where access is restricted or where speed in assembling and dismantling is important.

Size: from a height of 2 m. and a maximum diameter of 1,30 m. to a height of 7 m. and a maximum diameter of 5,80 m. 
Material: PVC or POLYESTER of 150 to 300 gr/m2 depending on use and diameter.
Production: single or two needle sewing machine.