This is simple and quick to build, easy to assemble and also has a weight/volume ratio that makes it very practical for transportation purposes. The stability and aerodynamics of this type of inflatable means that it can be easily assembled, even if it is very large. It is the one which best optimises the price/visual impact ratio. It is used a lot in concerts and at huge sporting events as it stands out in a crowd of people due to its height. It is also often used as a reference or meeting point due to its volume and height characteristics mentioned above.
This inflatable allows for digital printing on 360º of its surface.

As an accessory, interior lighting can be added, turning the advertising medium into a giant advertising lamp. 
Another cost effective accessory that can be added to the Totem is an outer cover, like a cigar band, that gives it lots of uses and appearances depending on the amount of covers that you wish to use. This means a much lower cost than that involved in constructing an entire totem pole. Although the standard totem is in the shape of a column, It can also be made in the shape of a prism, cone, pyramid and even other more complex shapes.

Size: from 2 a 8 m. high and tube diameter of 50 cm. to 335 cm. 
Material: PVC or POLYESTER.
Fan: internal 80 to 230 W
Production: single or two needle sewing machine.