Large inflatable tents


Under this name, we class those types of inflatable marquee that are more sophisticated and have a greater architectural element. They are a type of inflatable marquee that can be naturally adapted to the customer’s formal marketing needs.

They are the culmination of the development of the other types of inflatable marquee. The constructive basis remains the same but the level of design and pattern making is much higher. They particularly stand out for the infinite possibilities they offer and, at the same time, for requiring a technical capacity to produce which is within the reach of few manufacturers. This type of tent is also perfectly suited for exhibiting brand personality, while retaining the same benefits as other inflatable marquees. They can be customised through the design, the colouring of the fabric and by printing logos directly on to their surface.

A close collaboration between our design department and the event organiser is required to achieve success with this type of tent. The design brief, the location, and the image or idea to be conveyed, must be studied thoroughly. Within this cooperative process, there will be various proposals and modifications to the same which must be made in order to agree on a design that meets the objectives and so that no technical details are left unresolved. The technical and human expertise in working on this type of collaboration is essential to achieve the desired results. The ability to develop complex patterns must not at any time limit the creativity of the design and this can only be achieved through 3D programmes specifically suited for this purpose. The really interesting thing about these tents is that they have formal possibilities so extensive that we are probably just in the early stages of what they can become.

Another no less important aspect that lies behind the development of a tent with these features is the calculations for the project. Through sophisticated fluid dynamic calculation software, we can create a virtual model that details the wind pressure and the forces that act on each point of the tent thus using the most appropriate reinforcing for those points which require it most. In addition, this planning is necessary at each site to comply with legal requirements.

Size: from 300 m2 of surface. 
Material: PVC or POLYESTER of 150 to 600 gr/m2 depending on use and location (it is normal that there are 4 or 5 different types of material)
Production: single, two needle or triple needle sewing machine.