All the stands that we manufacture as inflatable  items have common characteristics: an installation time which is notably shorter than conventional stands made of wood and iron; a much lower volume to transport; and a capacity to surprise through the originality of its format which is difficult to achieve with traditional methods.

Some of the examples that can be seen in the photos are for small companies who need to display merchandise very far away, and at a low cost. In the destination they only hired the space and a point for electricity.  They brought the stand themselves with the rest of the marketing material. They were able to assemble the stand themselves without any difficulty, meaning that the savings made were considerable. This was all done without lowering the quality of the portrayed image.

With a use similar to the stand, it can become a stage backdrop.
A simple inflatable wall allows you to change the appearance and texture using appropriate projections and illuminations. At the same time, it also changes the props and the assembly.
Another special feature of inflatable elements for stands is the ease at which they may be suspended from the ceilings of fairgrounds. Their light weight and manageability make them ideal for hanging effects.

They can also be made into extreme shapes and given complex patterns as they can withstand weather conditions such as wind and rain.

 Another useful resource provided by inflatable stands is digital printing. Printing can be carried out directly on the outer layer or blend through transparent areas of the inflatable itself.

Size: on demand, from 9 m2 to 1000 m2.
Material: PVC or POLYESTER from 150 to 300 gr/m2.
Production: single or two needle sewing machine.